Customized cardboard

Great power in a small cardboard

Do you feel that traditional advertising does not evoke such emotions as it used to be? Are you an entrepreneur, do you believe in the strength of your product and want to present it attractively on the forum? Customized VR cardboard is the answer to all these questions. Thanks to it, you will enter the market firmly and confidently or strengthen your current position in your industry and the business world.

Virtual reality is within your reach. Customized cardboard will take your customers to a completely different dimension. EINITY company, which is a manufacturer of Smartbox VR virtual reality glasses, extends a helping hand to both entrepreneurs taking their first steps in business and experienced players who have been operating on the market for years. We pave the way to financial success in a simple way, in line with global trends in advertising. Customized VR cardboard is nothing more than an attractive advertising gadget. Thanks to it, your client moves into virtual reality and in an attractive way gets to know the product you want to roll up the market with.

Customized cardboard - an attractive form

We buy with our eyes, so it is extremely important to present each product aesthetically. Smartbox VR not only provides an extraordinary experience by taking us into virtual reality, but are also it is attractive in its form. Custom VR cardboard, specially designed for your business, suggests to the client what they will be dealing with. We approach each product individually and unconventionally. You decide what is on the box. Of course, we provide professional help and marketing tips. Customized VR cardboard can intrigue and attract with rich graphics, or on the contrary - intrigue with a raw, minimalist look. It all depends on the visual identity of your brand. Our glasses and lenses are manufactured in Poland, so we can monitor, control and improve the production process on an ongoing basis. Thus, you can count on the highest quality product.

Advertising for the 21st century

Our Smartbox VR cardboard take customers to the world of popular and well-known products from the food, automotive and video industries. We also often cooperate with companies that are just entering the market with a completely new product. Customized VR cardboard is just introducing the viewer to its specificity and possibilities. An attractive form of communication in the form of creating virtual reality works completely differently than traditional TV advertising, which we have already got used to. Customized VR cardboard can be a great complement to traditional forms of marketing promotion. At the same time, it is a clear message to the client that we keep up with global trends and are open to technological innovations. It is a signal that our business is moving forward, and at the same time our business card that tells how we do business. In the Google Play and iStore stores there are hundreds of applications in the virtual reality environment, which provides the customer not only familiarization with the product, but also great fun.

Stay ahead of the competition

It is worth testing a form of advertising such as customized VR cardboard. We send a free sample of Smartbox VR glasses to the company address. We are convinced that you will quickly immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality and you will want your customers to have the same opportunity. We fulfill orders from 100 pieces of personalized cardboards. Virtual reality has never been so accessible. Today, what science fiction literature has mentioned is within reach. It is worth taking it out before the competition does it first. The undoubted advantage of our glasses is that they fit up to 99 percent. telephones on the market, so the promotion of your product can be really large-scale. The fascination with the virtual world, which your customers will easily succumb to, translates directly into higher sales and real profit. Small customized VR cardboard has great power.


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