How to order your Smartbox VR glasses?

We are the first Polish manufacturer of VR glasses, our adventure with VR technology began in 2013. Each order is approached with great care. Personalized VR glasses are our specialty. Our VR glasses are thealternative to the Google Cardboard version. The order process looks as follows:

1) Contact Us

Please go to CONTACT section and fill in the contact form or send us an email at You are just a few hours to be contacted by our sales department.

2) Specification

Having your inquire read through you will get the estimation.

3) Preparing a project

Our customers are provided with PDF layouts to make a graphic for your glasses and a box. Optionally, with confirmed orders for more than 500 pieces, our graphics department will prepare the design for you for free.

4) Approving graphic

Based on the creation we prepare 360 visualization of your design - before opening the PDF files must be saved on your computer.

5) Production

The customer accepts 360 models or corrects the project, then we prepare and send a pro forma invoice to your order. Once paid, we start the production process.

6) Shipping

After the fixed time of production, we inform about shipping, we send the tracking number and the final invoice. On the territory of Poland we use DHL services, we make international shipments via UPS or RABEN.

ENKilka słów o okularach VR typu Google Cardboard.

Okulary VR, typu Google Cardboard dają nieograniczone możliwości rozrywki. Historia pierwszych prób z wirtualną rzeczywistością sięga roku 1962, kiedy Morton Heilig stworzył urządzenie Sensoramę, która daje złudzenie przebywania w innej rzeczywistości dzięki wyświetlanym przed oczami użytkownika filmom. Wróćmy do czasów współczesnych, gdzie firma Google udostępniła pliki do produkcji okularów VR. Firma Einity, producent okularów zmodyfikował projekt, tak aby stworzyć produkt do wykorzystania w wielu branżach do promocji i reklamy produktów dzięki zastosowaniu technologii VR. Brzmi niesamowite, prawda? Zapraszamy do kontaktu z producentem okularów Smartbox VR, zainspirowanych okularami Google Cardboard.


Einity is a manufacturer of mobile applications for advertising purposes. We create VR and AR

applications from the ground up and customize the existing ones as desired.

If you are interested in creating an application for advertising please contact us.

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In order to get a quote on your project, get info about our projects do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel: +48 661 111 469

65-012 Zielona Góra,
KRS 0000450721,
REGON 081112990,
NIP 9291853685
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